Currently there are numerous treatments available for managing the abnormal muscle tone and limb deformity seen individuals with chronic disabilities.  Not uncommonly treatments are chosen without a thorough consideration of all options and without a discussion between specialists in all the procedures that may be of benefit to the patient.  This conference will review the current treatments available for managing abnormal muscle tone and limb deformity and the benefits of their being considered in a multidisciplinary setting. 

The intended audience for this conference is practitioners who are providing primary care and therapy to children and adults with chronic neuromuscular disabilities and hypertonia.  The goal of this conference is for you to learn the treatment options for muscle hypertonia and limb deformity in patients who are encountering difficulties with their routine therapy or having the quality of their life impacted by their hypertonia.   You will also learn of the benefits experienced by patients when these treatments are employed in a multidisciplinary clinic where the specialists are communicating to one another their assessments and developing coordinated treatment plans for the disabilities.

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