The orthopedic surgeons at Function have had specialized training in the treatment of scoliosis and the use of spinal fusion for children whose spinal curvature is due to a neuromuscular disorder or has arisen without an obviously associated condition.  They use some of the most innovative techniques and technology to safely and efficiently correct spinal deformity.   ​

​In order to correct the spine’s curvature, the spine surgeon will put metal screws into some of the bones of the spine and use those screws to manipulate the bones to make the spine straighter.  Long metal rods will connect all of the screws and bones together so that the bones will heal together to create a fusion.  Usually the child does not need a brace after the surgery and the goal is to get them moving as soon as possible. ​

Spine Fusion refers to the act of surgically manipulating the bones in the spine and making them heal together to maintain a certain alignment.  In this way, the orthopedic surgeons at Function can correct curvature of the spine and prevent it from getting worse in the future. 

Curvature of the spine is referred to as scoliosis.  Scoliosis is common in children with CP or other neuromuscular conditions.  When scoliosis becomes severe it can make the child look crooked, prevent the child from sitting up, cause pain or even effect the function of organs like the lungs.   This can increase the burden for the family or facility caring for the child.​

​Spinal Fusion