options being overlooked and, as a consequence, less that optimal management of the disability.  Function brings a variety of experienced specialists to a common site where each can evaluate an individual’s problem(s) and then discuss management options in a group setting on the same day as the evaluation.  The result is a coordinated treatment plan for the disability.  

​​For the past several decades there has been a rising expectation that with appropriate management the disabled should be able to be “mainstreamed” into normal everyday life and its pursuits.  This has given rise to a number of treatments designed to overcome or work around disabilities that block this effort.  Unfortunately, the individual in need is commonly evaluated in isolation by a specialist for a single type of treatment.   Little or no coordination between specialists who might have related or alternative treatments occurs.  The can result in treatment

Additionally, this affords an educational opportunity for the patient and family to understand the management options for their disability and why the plan being recommended was considered to be the best.

The specialists at Function have treatments for the disabilities in children and adults that result from conditions such as:

The Function team of specialists treats a wide range of chronic disabilities